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Service Charge of $2 when a seller purchases gig from cleared revenue?

I’m a seller here but a few times when I need the services of others, I buy gigs here too.

I was about purchasing a gig a few minutes ago from my cleared revenue, but I noticed i was going to be incur an extra $2 service charge?

Is that supposed to be? Is it a new policy? I thought sellers wouldn’t get charged when they purchase from their cleared earnings?

That topic is revelant to that one, visit and comment there:

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I had read through this already, I thought it only affected those who were purchasing from PayPal and not from cleared revenue earned on fiverr.

No, now us sellers incur a cost to buy here too. They’re already taking a $1 away from us for every $5 ordered, but I suppose that’s just not enough anymore.

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Thanks for pointing it out clearly to me. We’re handicapped in this situation, there’s little we can do about it. We just have to adapt to the new system.

New processing fee increase .