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Service charge on Tips

Why would the tool charge a $2 service charge on a tip right after a statement saying (there would be no service charge)? Then they send me a receipt that just shows the tip, but does not show their service charge as if it is an attempt to hide it. This seems very shady to me.

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I tend to leave a tip when I order something but I can’t really remember that. If it does, that’s not good, of course, but I think more probably some oversight rather than an attempt at hiding it, you could tell customer support so they can pass it on to whoever maintains the code.

Apart from that, obviously you won’t find much love for the service charge on the tips here on the forum, of course, us all being sellers, buyers, or both, it’s been pretty much discussed to death but still comes up from time to time, understandably, when someone notices for the first time and posts about it. I guess most of us just got used to it. But, again, of course, it shouldn’t tell you there won’t be a service charge and then apply one.

Also, welcome to the community! I hope that else your Fiverr experience has been a good one so far, and guess it is so if you tipped your seller :slight_smile: