"Service doesn't require shipping" but it does


Hello everyone,

I recently changed one of my gig, and added a “Physical shipping” extra as there was none written at the bottom as there usually is, and then Fiverr tells me this :

" * #### Not related to shipping

We see that you are offering a service which does not require shipping. If you are not selling a physical product, which requires you to pay for shipping, you may not request a shipping fee from your buyers. If you are offering a physical product, please clarify your shipping policy further in your Gig elements. See https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/creating-your-gig-policy for more information.
* #### Your Gig requires modification

Please clarify your shipping policy - if not related to shipping, please deselect this option from your gig. If related to shipping, please provide more information regarding this in your gig elements."

But what I’m selling is A3 portraits so I can send them through email but it seems logical to me that 99% of the customers are going to want to have the real drawing, not just a copy, so I have to send it through the post, I don’t get what Fiverr doesn’t understand in this.
I also would like to say that it’s clearly stated in my gig “The drawing can be sent online or shipped with additionnal fees.”

What should I change ?

Thanks a lot,



All of the portraits and drawings I have ever bought on Fiverr were sent to me as an attachment and I had them printed at my local photo shop.


If you really want to do a gig for a physically shipped item, you probably need to make it a separate gig. The one for digital should be a gig by itself with no shipping. If you are going to sell drawings that are shipping, do those as physical item sales only. Technically Fiverr isn’t ideal for shipped items. Not many sellers offer them and I don’t personally know of any sellers who do very well with physical items.


Oh ok, all the customers I had/have yet wanted the original, I’m going to see if I can scan them to br printed later then, thank you


Ok, thank you, I’ll try this!