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Service fee charged


Same happened with me, now Fiverr becoming hungry for revenue day by day it seems like that


This is what I am in agreement with here.

If Fiverr had announced anything about the new fee increase - besides inserting it into the TOS - then the deal may not been as big of one. Copyscape had announced its changes well in advance too. The company remarked in January that it was changing its pricing model and would be using a different model starting April 2.

The biggest issue Fiverr has is the lack of transparency - for everybody using the site. The sellers who helped make it become what it is to the buyers who came here in search of quality services at a low price. The lack of any press release or announcement is a slap in the face to these people using the site. (IMHO).

A fee increase is not a minor thing - and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Why Fiverr insists on doing this is beyond me. It may not spell ultimate doom but you can bet that the implications of not being transparent about the fee increases are going to rear their ugly head eventually.


Now fiverr to me made me feel it’s just like a teenager in college made the website and simply launch anything he thought it’s cool fun and make changes anytime when he wanted, so Unprofessional and kinda child act. On the other side CS act like guardian parent helping this kid to ‘fix’ his problems. Infinite loop.


Fiverr should cut down this fee system from sellers. Guys rise your voice…


Actually, this is genius, now that I think of it.

Fiverr is looking to be a premium brand…in the past, some would say that Fiverr is known for poor quality work…with PewDiePie and all…they don’t want to seem too cheap that people don’t take them seriously.

So they have figured out a way to increase their prices, making more money themselves and increasing profit while they are at it.

They are killing two birds with one stone.


Sorry, I don’t get it. Does this only apply to sellers?

I have sold in the distant past, and obviously I am not placing any orders with earned revenue.

Yet I am still being charged a $2 service fee…?

First the shopping cart is gone, now this.

I’m pretty fed up with the direction Fiverr is going.


Whenever you buy a Gig, you now have to pay the new service fee. In the past, you could avoid similar fees by using your Fiverr earnings.


OK. Thanks for the clarification.

So first I was dissatisfied for not being able to group together four different gigs for min. $0.25/each.

Now I’m being charged $2 extra for every $5 order.

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee

And start using other Fiverr alternatives…


It’s sinking ship and any time will hide into web sea.


Interesting response from CS. So how did Fiverr survive without that fee in the past? Is Fiverr struggling with their operating expenses? Are they spending more than what they’re making?

Too bad Fiverr isn’t a public company like Apple, Tesla, etc. Public companies have to realize quarterly statements, private companies don’t.

If Fiverr were to issue stock, they would generate lots of money and maybe they could eliminate that $2 fee.


They are spending for promote Pro and giving them extra ex-poser only nothing else!!

Basically, they are taking money to general buyers/sellers for Promote their exclusive BIG SHOT (PRO) guys. Hahahah.

In real world, higher tax on big shot guys for subsidize the general people. - Amazing :wink:


Many customers complain. Paying $ 2 of taxes on $ 5 of order is ridiculous.


You raise a good point Fastcopywriter. When I first saw the service fee, my thoughts were similar.

While Fiverr is still a private company, there are lots of investment bankers courting Fiverr with hopes of underwriting part of a future IPO. If I were a betting man, I’d wager the service fee is being used primarily to shore up margins to make an IPO more attractive.


I’m curious to see if sellers start to increase their $5 gigs to something larger and the ripple effects of this…


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your opinions are duly noted.


Interesting point :wink:


That’s a good insight. My opinion is that Fiverr would be more attractive with more traffic, and maybe advertising which would represent another source of income. Charging fees when you’re already getting 20% per order is a bad idea in my opinion.


Don’t tell me!!!

I ordered one gig after a long time and I have run into this problem…
Good News is that

Fiverr is still on!



Step 1:

I did 2 Jobs of $5 each.
Buyers Paid $7 each = $14 for two jobs.
Fiverr took $6.

Fiverr Earnings Details

Fiverr Took $2 each from buyer = $4 for two jobs.
Fiverr Took $1 each from me = $2 for two jobs.

I got $8 in total.

Step 2:

I ordered a $5 gig.
I paid $7 from my earnings.
Fiverr took $3.

Fiverr Earning Details

Fiverr took $2 from me.
Fiverr took $1 from the seller.

Seller got $4.
I am left with $1!


$14 spent by initial buyers.
Seller 1 (Me) got $1 (+ work output of $5)
Seller 2 got $4
Fiverr got $9

:moneybag: :moneybag:

This is an awesome business!!

Kudos to Fiverr for being able to do this!

:slight_smile: All the best to all the Sellers & Buyers on Fiverr :slight_smile:


Crazy numbers you put there.Just crazy…