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Service Fee ?! really

i was in my way to place an order here on Fiverr and i saw this Service Fee of 2$ really!! you guys take 20% of our earnings from all members everyday which means 100s of 1000s of money and let us sit on fire for 2 weeks tell we can withdraw earnings and after that charge us 1$ to withdraw to pay pal and also earn commission payoneer and now you want extra 2$ come on and even if the order cancelled i guess you won’t return the 2$ bill , i guess we should start looking for other sites really other sites are trying to save your $ by making users use their balance and you want 2$ for what guys this is too much and last ting you should start calling it savenrr it fits better enjoy your 2$

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Yes they really charge $2 fee extra and if we cancel the order then we only get the original cost of gig but did not get our fees back…
This is very disappointed for buyer and also for seller,
So Fiverr must take care of this,

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and also its not worth it anymore in case you wish to do out sourcing :disappointed_relieved:

What do you mean to do outsourcing ,
So you mean do deal out from the Fiverr,
if yes do you it is against the fiverr Policy to do business out of Fiverr or share personal information with client,

no i mean many companies rely on fiverr workers to do their work and that will add an extra cost for them so each order will add 2$ extra and not included with the cancelation it’s very bad

Yes. Really.

Alright then. Good luck. Happy hunting.

thank you man ! :blush:

I wasn’t agreeing with you. But, you’re welcome nonetheless. :neutral_face:

that’s why i called you MAN !

:neutral_face: That makes no sense.

But, thank you for responding to me appropriate to my gender. You are very observant.

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Way too much heat in this thread for a Saturday, I’m off for some ice-cream and a little Sauvignon blanc before watching Germany get knocked out of the World Cup.
PS. Yes, service fees are bad but just place your orders in bigger batches to bring the cost percentage down substantially.


look you are a top rated saller you make $$ and really a great job and best of luck for you from my heart and you are a person who really dont know anything about my life so you can start kidding here i rely on my fiverr earnings for living which is less than 100$ a month so please use your nice sense of humour wtih someone in you case

Actually, I am a Level 2 seller. But, I will agree that I am among the top sellers in my primary category, so, in that sense, I could probably be called a top seller.

I do.

Since you have not seen my work, you would be guessing as to its quality. But, thank you for the assumed compliment nonetheless.

To be honest, I’m not really interested in your life story.

Great. Keep up the great work.

I’m not sure what this means. But I’m not really trying to be funny. No sense of humor here, just blunt honesty.

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man what you want from me ?? wanna show your typing skills to me or something ???

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I don’t want anything from you. I’m not sure I understand why you think that I do. I responded to your comments. We call this a conversation. Might I suggest that we get this “I don’t like the service fee” conversation back on track?

If you don’t want me to respond to you, then don’t direct comments to me that warrant a response. :wink:

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what a good ideai :thinking:

If you type “$2 Fiverr charge from balance” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject which you may find interesting.

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If Fiver charge $2 fees on $5 services it is not worst for buyer if you look out from The fiverr there are many people they pay $100 or more for simple task so why they cannot pay $7 instead of $100 Plus…
Here we providing best quality work for cheap cost then other, …