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Service fees on tips

Really disappointed in the service fees that need to be paid to tip the seller.
I get the service fees are part of the business transaction but if I tip I am charged a service fee. So I hire somebody for five dollars, then I get a service fee of two dollars. If I tip five dollars you get another two dollars.
a 40% markup is ridiculous. It makes people want to tip less.
It feels a bit scamish.


Yes, this has been discussed for so long, hope fiverr will change it and provide us a better tips system. This is ridiculous IMO, I wish some big mass media on the internet will report on this so giving pressure fiverr for a change. Indeed I received less tips starting from June 2018.


same here. Was one dollar now two. #greed

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Definitely strange. They really should rethink this.

Tips aren’t a service and legally can’t be charged. It’s against the law for a company to profit off extra money paid to the actual one providing the service. In this case, designers or what not.

I’m sure Fiverr is aware of the legal issues you have cited, and have a number of lawyers on staff that advised them before instituting their fees. This is, however, Fiverr’s site, and they are able to enact whatever rules they feel are necessary, including fees on all services (and yes, “tips”).