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Service out of order

I provide a service {} that converts PSD to HTML website. But in recent months I am not getting any buyer requests or messages. So what kind of change do I need for example update, delete or new service?

What you need to do is connect to the target customers that need your service. I have a feeling you haven’t been doing this… and as a result, you’re not getting any sales.

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How can I connect to the target customers that need my service? Because in recent buyer request I am not seeing any post for PSD to HTML.

Who are your customers? Go find them, and tell them about what you do.

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So far all I got is word press client and php but not a psd to html.

Genuine question here, so please don’t take anything I say the wrong way.

I’ve been building websites for years using everything from notepad and MS Frontpage to WP and most things in between. I’ve never needed to use PSD to HTML, and don’t know why I would to to be honest.

Most buyers have little technical knowledge - not being insulting, if they knew how to do something, they’d do it themselves. How would a buyer know if they needed PSD to HTML in the first place? Where do they get the PSD file from that you’d need to turn it into HTML?

Could you explain some of these things in your description or FAQ to make it clearer for potential buyers? :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, your gig image says $35 but you’re charging $10 - confusing perhaps?