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Set deadline on a given day


Sometimes I get inquiries from customers, asking for an article to be delivered on a certain day (let’s say, next monday afternoon). If I make a custom offer for the customer, I would like to be able to make the pin the deadline to that next monday (preferably even 2PM next monday), instead of making the deadline 7 days from the moment the order is accepted. In this way, I can offer my customer the certainty that they will have their article on time.


I agree this would be helpful. Though it could also turn and bite us in the backside.

Last week I agreed to do an order for a customer and finish it in the middle of this week but he didn’t start the order properly by adding the requirements so technically I have until Friday even though I will finish it by Wednesday like I agreed.

On the other hand though if someone comes and says can you do this by Wednesday and I say yes and send them the custom offer the week before with a date to finish it on Wednesday, but then they don’t accept the custom offer for several days and I get the order on Tuesday, I don’t want to do the work now because there isn’t enough time. I can set an auto-withdraw on the custom offer of 1 day maybe for long lead-in times, but not short lead-in times.

So, in summary, yes a good idea, to be used cautiously.


With shorter lead times, there is a problem. That’s true. That can only solved if you can put the auto withdraw on the hour as well.


Do you think it work well when you’re working with clients from different time zones? It has to sort of calculate the time automatically so you can pin point the right moment. Otherwise you can pin point Monday 2pm your time, but for your client this could be Tuesday morning and bam, you’re late.

In terms of people not sending in the requirements on time, I always remind them in the offer “don’t forget to answer the questions you’ll see immediately upon ordering or I can’t start working on your order.” I used to have problems with people who wouldn’t submit requirements right away, but since I started using this everyone reply right away.



Oh I really like that idea - thank you!


I thought up a way to put it in the custom order form, to solve the problems with time zones.

Just two fields:
A: Deadline for the order: DD-MM-YYYY - xx:xx - This relates to xx:xx in the timezone of your buyer
B: Deadline for acceptance: DD-MM-YYYY - xx:xx - This relates to xx:xx in the timezone of your buyer.