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Set Up the Perfect Fiverr Gigs

Hi Friends,

I have been on this fiverr platform for a while (3 years) as a seller. In this period, I have discovered that the way you write your fiverr gigs and profile plays a major part if you will succeed as a seller on fiverr.

So for almost 2 years now, I have been helping people to write the perfect gigs and profile that are well optimized and almost guarantees success (“almost” because you will still have to play your part by delivering great jobs on every order you get).

Unfortunately, Just today, fiverr disabled that gig.

Well, I have appealed to the Customer Support to reactivate the gig again.

But while waiting for a positive response on that…I have created another gig to help new and struggling Sellers get it right with their gigs and profiles.

You see, I really Want help everyone (if possible) to succeed on fiverr.

I beg you to take advantage of this opportunity now, I’m sure you will thank me later.

Go HERE and take action NOW!



Fiverr frowns upon such gigs that offer assistance in creating gigs for others. I am not sure if it is against Fiverr’s rules but they have been known to take down such gigs.

That’s such a noble cause. However, since Fiverr doesn’t allow it, I don’t know why you would create yet another gig when a similar gig of yours was already taken down. It doesn’t make much sense to me. This gig will probably be taken down too.