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Setting Business Hours (Can't Work While I Sleep!)



I’ve recently had a buyer in a different time zone and very different work schedule than me.

They often message me late at night, or request revisions very late at night (often around midnight or 1 am my time) on a project we have been working on for a few weeks.

While they are totally understanding that I simply cannot always respond immediately (as I am literally asleep, usually), the website doesn’t seem to account for this in any way.

Is there a way to set business hours? If so, why not? It’s making my response time and gig timeliness go down on my public profile and that just doesn’t seem fair when my buyers are content and I am doing something that is literally required of all humans (even us coffee-addled freelancers).

Thoughts? Help? Am I just not seeing this?

Is the only way around this to remove any 1-day expedite options? What about added days for revisions?


You have to delicately figure out what works best for you, while acting like you are all about what works best for the customer. :slight_smile:

Your response averages will work out. I don’t respond to messages from 10pm-7am. I still keep response averages between 1-3 hours.

I wake up each morning with 3-5 new orders and several messages overnight.

I occasionally have someone that is frustrated at a slow response overnight. When I respond, I apologize and I tell them the time zone I am in and roughly my general “response hours”.

You don’t want to open and close your online store. You want to engage customers with your online store at the moment they are wanting to communicate and buy. Imagine if you closed your store and people then could search for only Fiverr sellers who are “Open”. Bamm, you are out of the search results.

Your question about expedited orders. I can’t seem to manage anything less than a 24 hour delivery when I receive orders from all over the world. But I see some people pull it off.


Every seller on this site has the same issue. When buyers send a message and it’s late at night in the seller’s time zone, the buyer sees a message that states something like ‘It’s currently 4am in seller’s time zone. They will respond when they can’ or something to that effect.

I would argue that I get most of my messages when I’m sleeping as I’m American, most of my buyers are American, but I’m currently living in Korea. I made that obvious in my bio, and people understand if I return messages a bit later. However, it also works out for them sometimes, because I can complete their order while they’re sleeping :slight_smile:


That is a question I would like to ask for long.
Is the location fixed when you create your account? Or it follows your movement to wherever you are?