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Setting currency to GBP

My currency in my profile setting are GBP, the pull-down at the bottom of each page also is on GBP. Yet when I’m trying to post a gig, I am only offered $. How can I change this, please?


“Gigs® on Fiverr may be offered at a base starting price of $5. Some Gigs are offered at a base price of more than $5 as determined by the Seller.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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scroll down any page and you will see this … Also note that changing this will change your $5 to 4.xx

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As I said that is already set to GBP.

as @lloydsolutions already mention from TOS, you can’t change gig currency as they will always be in dollars when you set them up.


Yes, thank you. Is there a reason that I can only view my own gigs in $ yet others in £? Is this normal?

You can see your gigs in £ only in preview mode of your gigs. Or if you switch to buying and click on your gigs (when you find them) then you will see in £ as well.

OK. That’s great. Thanks for your help.

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