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Setting gig delivery deadlines - interesting reply from CS


This morning, I attempted to change one of my gig’s estimated delivery times to 14 days, instead of the previous 10 days, because of an increased workload. A few hours later, I noticed that the gig was still showing 10 days. Odd. I went in to edit the gig again, and it showed 14 days. Saved it again. It’s still showing 10 days on the “public” view, and 14 days on my edit view.

I contacted Customer Support. They replied that the estimated delivery time is derived automatically from the amount of time it has taken you on past orders (averaged somehow, I assume) and has nothing to do with the number of days set on the gig. That number only affects the countdown timer once someone orders.

I can see the value in having a “On average, it has taken the seller X days to deliver on this gig.” somewhere. But the amount of time I have determined it will take for future orders needs to be displayed as well. ESPECIALLY when it’s LONGER than the Fiverr-calculated value. Under the system Customer Support described, I’ll have buyers seeing “10 days”, ordering, and then finding the countdown clock at 14 days instead. That’s no way to make buyers happy—and it’s a problem of false expectations set by Fiverr.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Every gig I’ve edited in the past has quickly updated to the new value I’ve provided, so I asked if this was a new behavior. CS claims it is not new. So I don’t know how to reconcile that, but there was no explanation given.

Doesn’t make much sense to me, but I guess I’ll have to start including the ACTUAL estimated delivery in the gig description (which rarely gets read fully, of course). I’m currently waiting for even THAT to update – they claim it now takes up to 24 hours to display updates to gig information.


Now their response seems even more bizarre. If you view the gig on my profile, it shows the 14 days I entered (expected behavior). Still shows 10 days on the gig page itself though.

Suppose I’ll have to consider the response to be incorrect or, at best, a misunderstanding of what I was asking, and just chalk all this up to Fiverr being slow to update changes.


Hey there this is normal.

Been discussed a few times here in the forum one of my gigs were set to 5 days delivery but since changed it to 3

The date for delivery is expected as 4 days as that’s my average delivery time for this particular gig, the clock however will be set at the completion time you set inside your gig


Reply to @ozzieuk: I can see the logic when you’re attempting to set your maximum days to complete LOWER than your average delivery time. The customer will always be happier when a gig is completed faster.

My problem is the reverse, though. Fiverr is estimating 10 days when I’ve specified 14. The customer would eventually see the 14 day countdown timer once they order, but would have no way to know it’s going to take longer than the too-short “Fiverr-estimated” time until after they order.

My issue is really about managing customer expectations.

Although, as I said, it’s already updated to 14 days in one place (but not the other). What CS has stated seems to only apply when the seller is trying to do what you said – set the max. days shorter than the prior average performance. Which is totally fine, but not what they told me. :slight_smile:


No I totally see your point, it could be misinterpreted by a buyer, if they are expecting 10 days and the timer says 14,

Actually looking at your profile page it looks like a bug your profile gig list shows 14 days and your gig page shows 10 .

You might want to alert Customer Support to that :slight_smile:


Looks like we posted at the same time and the same thing (I have a habit of that just ask @madmoo ) !


Reply to @ozzieuk: Ha! Yeah, exactly. I’ve been trying to get that point across, too, to CS, but am running into brick walls. I think they’re just misunderstanding what I’m getting at, but oh well.

Glad someone sees my point, though - I was starting to feel a bit crazy! :slight_smile:


If you make them a new ticket, be sure to point them to this thread, if they see it in images they may understand what you mean :slight_smile:

Let me know how you get on !


Reply to @madmoo: :smiley: