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Setting gig title... need guidance from experts

Hi fiverres, I hope all is well. Can you please help me in setting the gig title properly. Actually I have 3 keywords that I wanna set in my title…(convert vector to raster, manual vector tracing, logo tracing)

  1. I will convert vector to raster, manual vector tracing, logo tracing-------> length: 61 char
  2. I will do logo and manual vector tracing, convert raster to vector-------> length: 56 char

In the above two titles, which one is more appreciate or better… because in the second title logo tracing and vector tracing has mixed up (like logo and vector tracing)… is this still ok or will help in the ranking ?
Please guide if I am better at delivering problem to you or any other guidance or improvement will be tightly appreciated…
Many thanks in advance.

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You’re misunderstanding fundamental elements of SEO.

It isn’t about what is the best keyword. It’s about what keywords have low competition and high demand especially in the audience you are targeting. It is absolutely pointless to try to rank for a keyword that 10,000 other sellers are trying to rank for.

Also, the only.people who would know what those are are your competitors who are successful. Why would they share that information with you and in the forum? Others would use that information to outrank them.

Finally Fiverr doesn’t provide analytics on what buyers search for. So no one can really know this. A lot of sellers here will tell you to copy what keywords other sellers are using. Don’t do that. It makes no sense. Just further crowds the market and doesn’t represent buyer search behaviour.



As a recommendation, the following Fiverr post:

Writing a Better Gig Title

Does an excellent job of covering everything you need to know about titles! Hope this helps :blush: