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Setting local currency is redundant, asks again every withdrawal

So I’m aware that this is a very minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things, but I feel like it’s kind of absurd that it has not been addressed so many months on after the feature was introduced. I live in Germany, so my day-to-day currency is Euros. However, I abstain from withdrawing my Fiverr revenue in my local currency because all that does is result in less profit overall. I’m not sure if the site is aware of this fact or is just bugged, because EVERY time I withdraw it always asks me to set a local currency before proceeding to the withdrawal. I’ve made a thread in the past about how trying to withdraw on mobile automatically did so in Euros, without warning or giving me a choice, but I can’t confirm whether that still is the case. But, the most frustrating thing about this popup is that it has zero regard for your choice. If you skip the prompt, it asks the same question again next time, which I guess is reasonable. But when you have your currency settings as USD all over the Fiverr site, and then go on to specifically select USD in the prompt, it will still ask you again the next time! Is this legitimately a bug with the prompt system, or is Fiverr just desperately begging us to all waive the very slight currency conversion bonus that they must get from the local currency withdrawal? It would be very nice if there was an option to permanently disable this popup, as it is becoming one of a few very irritating quirks to Fiverr (along with not being able to initiate a new conversation with a customer post-order through the mobile app, for example to thank them for a tip, or the fact that every time you navigate on mobile browsers it will flash up a pop-up to use the app, despite many important features being absent or broken on the app).

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