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Setting up "enter your word count" field for translation gigs?

Hey there!

I’ve been on fiverr for about 2 1/2 years and have completed about 1800 orders so far. Lately people started purchasing my gigs instead of sending me messages to receive custom offers all the time.

That kind of caused me trouble because people ended up buying like 8000 words on my basic gig (which is 250 words in 2 days). So people forced me to complete 32x the package in just 2 days because the timer doesn’t scale up at all. I went away from the additional words option to the custom extra option and set up my extras over there.

Today a customer informed me that my gig page would be strange because I would just have a simple dropdown list for people to select multiples while other people she is working with have a field where buyers can enter the exact amount of words they need and fiverr automatically calculates the price (and would also adjust the timer accordingly?) Also my client talked about them having certain restrictions (like a limiting function which I also don’t know if it really exists)

I went ahead to the marketplace and indeed many people have those fields where you can enter the exact amount of words however I didn’t see that the timer would scale up (which is my main problem about it) However I also saw other sellers who didn’t have that field.

I believe this field could be the solution to my problem though. However I can’t seem to find any option to set something like that up. I contacted 5 different sellers who had it but they didn’t know how to activate it either.

It would be great if you guys could help me setting that up. As I am exclusively on the seller side and Fiverr doesn’t shoot us patch notes at all I don’t really keep track of changes they make.

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This may be helpful to you:

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It’s a common problem and there’s no solution for now (I mean that the number of days won’t increase with the number of words). Fiverr removed all additional extras from the gig page, even though they were really useful. I also had ‘+1,000 words’ extra that increased delivery time before.
In order to avoid such situations, I set higher prices for the first two packages, thus making people choosing the last one with the maximum delivery time:

You can also set like $20 for 250 words. If people are ready to pay, why not to make it faster to get additional funds :slight_smile:


Nope unfortunately not. Doesn’t mention how to set up that field.

Alright may consider to do it that way. How do people manage to get the field to enter the word count though?

By enabling the Additional Words feature.

As soon as you turn it on, you will see these fields:

Glad to see you are now getting specific help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your efforts anyway!

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Ok so if I get it right (from what I have seen before on other people’s pages) when activating this People could enter 8000 in the basic package and it would also enter the 8000 to the other 2 packages and show a price comparison. As people suggested before I could set a very high price for additional words for the first and the second package so people would see a lower overall price on the other two packages and would therefore be influenced to maybe choose the cheaper one with a longer delivery time then? Also when using this the script doesn’t care about the original “words included” number anymore? So if my premium package is 4500 words in 4 days people could just enter 3000 in the basic package field and then would be able to purchase 3000 words of the premium package with 4 days instead? Or does it only work if the number goes beyond the original number of the original package number e.g. 5000?

Sorry I need to know it in detail to be able to come up with a proper strategy for the future then. I want to do it right first try.

They can enter even 100 words in the Premium package and pay the full price of it.

And as I mentioned above, you can play with the prices.
For example, now you offer $5 for 250 words (Basic).
You can set $10 or $20 for the additional 250 words for those, who want to pay more, but get it done faster. According to my experience, there is a lot of them.

Alright thanks for clearing that up. Also I thought about doing it that way. Thanks for your help!