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Setting up profile, but no place to put my education?

I have a bachelor of Fine Arts degree. (BFA) Why is this and a Master of Fine arts missing from the options?

Additionally, none of the majors reflect fine arts?

And it is frustrating that I am stuck using the drop-down menus and not able to enter in the correct information for me.

I must have missed the announcement too - I just accidentally noticed that education had showed up on my user profile.

I was hoping to find some help here. I have multiple diplomas in a variety of fields from non-USA colleges. None of them are in the drop-down menus. All of them are relevant to what I am doing now. I am worried that this may lead prospective clients to think I have no qualifications. This seems to prejudice against non-USA members on Fiverr. Any thoughts or help would be gratefully received.

Are you able to put that information under Certifications?

Hi tee_hi

Thanks for the suggestion. I have managed to put the first one in and will shortly do more.

Your assistance is much appreciated.

Kind regards

Colin English

Proofreads & Edits English


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