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Setting up your Gig title


When writing your Gig title you should be as clear as possible. Remember, the title is built like this “I will ____for $5” so be sure to clearly describe the basic service you are offering for $5.

Since the “I will” and “for $5” are built in so if you repeat any of these words, you may get an error. Stay away from the following : “I will,” “will,” “for,” “$5,” "5$."

If you have any questions about setting up your gig title, the Fiverr Support Team is available 24/7.


Does it help if you use keywords in the title so your gig gets noticed more?


Funny, I’ll probably ruin it …but before I posted, it said -1 post. Any thoughts on that glitch? Will it now say ZERO posts :slight_smile: LOL


When doing your Gig title, think of a word, often an action word that you can put in ALL CAPS. You are only allowed ONE WORD in all caps. So as you can see, I’ve already done 2 words, twice. :slight_smile:

Not all cap words need to be action words. For example:









Should also take into consideration that if the title is too long, when the gig is displayed on the home page or search page people can not see the whole title.

They will be able to see it when opening the gig page.

So maybe it will look bad on the home page or search page, bur maybe it will make people to click on your gig to see more.


Why can’t I add words ‘facebook’ and/or ‘Twitter’ in my Gig title, whenever I try to add these words, it shows me error message that ‘Title contains illegal words’.


i am making a title as Advertisement on social networks but it always saying illegal character ??? why???


I’m facing illegal content notice. what is illegal for fiverr?? I’ve tried several times all in vain.


Everyone knows it.


In titles right?

Kindly avoid using symbols in your titles and you’d be fine!


Gig title should be at least 15 characters long, Gig title should contain at least 4 words.
What does it actually mean to say? Any Example

  • Keep it short
  • Keep it simple
  • Use a power word
  • Make it SEO friendly
  • Make use of keywords and capital word.

This article has detailed answer to your question Fiverr Gig Title Tips


yeah i am also same facing. please anyone help us


why is the i will and 5 dollars not changed


I can’t write my gig, ‘title contains illegal characters’…pls help.


mira lo que pasa es que tienes que llenar toda la informacion que te pide hasta el ultimo recuadro todo


i have doubt about Gig Titile.
how can i set Gig title???


hi tamannajahid,
if u done any project in feverr???


There is no need to comment on a topic that is SIX years old. :wink:


Hmmmm you are right. But now you can set any price for the gig :stuck_out_tongue: