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Setting your Career Goals for 2016

This post was removed for not crediting the source. In general, Tips should be the writing of the post author, not copied from elsewhere. People can find copied tips on their own. Another forum user has credited the real author of this tip in the replies, so anyone interested can search for it. If you feel some content is so incredibly valuable and difficult to find that it belongs in the forum, at least credit your source.

Plagiarism is a bad idea, especially when delivered in a gig but also utilized to pretend it is your writing on the forum.

Hi, you have four entries here rapidly posted in Tips for Buyers. I think this should be the limit.
Please do not post more. This one is a general discourse without specifically being about fiverr.

This one is remarkably lengthy compared to your others. Let’s play the Google game!

Only posting a part of the article that you’re stealing doesn’t make it OK. It’s also incredibly transparent that you’re stealing when your other posts are about as informative and useful as a chocolate teapot, and suddenly you’ve acquired a fluent vocabulary and mastery of grammar.

Just don’t do it. Brian Briscoe (the original author of this advice) would be mega-disappointed in you. Probably. I could always go and ask him…

I wish people would stop doing this. Thanks for checking. I was too lazy.

People will never stop doing this :smiley: