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Setting your Video preview (Help)



I’m trying to set my video preview. I’m pausing it on where I want it displayed as the preview but for some reason it’s not saving. I’m clicking set as preview, but nothings happening.

I don’t know if I’m just being stupid or if it’s a bug. Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance.


Contact customer support. hope they will help you


Hello, if you search for ‘video preview’ or ‘video thumbnail’ with the forum search function top right, there´s quite a few threads with different suggestions from ‘use a different browser and look while logged out, maybe it did save only you don´t see it’ up to, well, what wpspecialist24 just said.
Apparently different things helped different people, or not, so you might want to look at those threads and try in your preferred order. :wink:

What worked for me when I had a video up briefly, was putting the image I wanted to have as the preview as the very end of the video.


Thank you will do that now.


Give it a few hours for your preview image to change. Don’t make the mistake I have of going back and altering it because it hasn’t changed - it really will! It may not show in your browser (I use Chrome) but if I change to Firefox, I can see the changes have in fact been made.

I only know this because I wasted several days trying to work out what was happening! :slight_smile:


Good luck and come back to your thread to report what worked, when you find something that worked, for the next one with that problem. :slight_smile:


That’s probably what it is then. I’m currently on my work computer, so can only use Chrome at the moment.


Does it show a picture of a guy at the beach for you guys?


Not for me, sorry.


Not yet - but I’m sure it will eventually! :slight_smile:

It’s showing the last slide in your video at the moment.


No that’s good. I don’t want it showing that lol. I want it to be the shopify expert picture.


Oh good - it’s showing what you want then! :slight_smile:


Yay thanks for your help. Probably need to clear cache on my browser


LOL yeah, then it´s fine.