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Several cancellations with just a buyer can kill me in fiverr?

Hello Im so sad of see how all that I could achieve in fiverr was thrown away for an uncomprehending buyer.

I was lvl 2 just until yesterday, this buyer bought me like 14 orders and I had the agree with him that I will deliver this weekend but he did not want to wait and just cancelled all the orders and I lost all my 100% rate and all my lvls and status T_T

Im one of the best sellers in the Joomla & Drupal category and a very talentuous developer and is not fair that only for an uncomprehending buyer all is thrown to the garbage…

Im so sad with this… =(

The fiverr support can help me with this? any of you have experienced this situation? How should I face this situation?

sad Greetings xD

Sebastian Velandia Pössinger

You can try to contact CS and if the buyer actually agreed to delivery this weekend (do you have it in a written communication?) and then cancelled, CS may do something about it. As far as I know, the buyer has the right to cancel if the delivery will be late - even though they know when ordering how long it will take.

What I have ask them is just to count the cancellation as just 1 and not 14!!

Because that was only for one single client… I think that has sense. The buyer did this intentionally… If they do not do anything I think That’s all for me in fiverr… =(

Based on what you said up there, you did not have an agreement right? You told the customer to wait but they did not want to. This means that you deserve the late delivery cancellation feedback. If they did agree to wait then you have a case and it will be removed. You were late without permission and you have to deal with that, whether they ordered 1 gig or 14. If you we’re on time then this would never have happened. They did not do it to ruin your gig. They done it because you we’re late without permission.

This is not so clearcut in my view. Who says there was not an agreement? What if that buyer purposely bought 14 gigs in order to endanger the seller’s status?

I would definitely contact CS and provide them with all the communication you have.

Thanks your comments are very important for me=). The bad part of my case is that Actually it was my fault i was late in the order, but I just ask to him wait me 1 day more. But I mean why did he rate me 14 times bad? or when you cancell a late order it automatically rates bad? Im sure that you can cancell without rate bad. And that’s what Im asking to the CS. I hope they can help me with my case.

What possible solutions exist to this…

Reply to @ssoulless: When a late order is cancelled, negative feedback is left automatically. It has nothing to do with the buyer and the buyer may not have known that this would happen. It is Fiverr’s policy, not the buyer’s. You would notice that you cannot leave your own feedback because the message was not sent by the buyer.

Hello to everybody!!! all my issue is fixed now I have all my levls and rate back againg!!

The CS just told me that I had to ask to the buyer his permission for delete the bad feedback. I contacted with the buyer and he agreed.

Then the CS erased all the bad feedback and all is Ok now!!

Thanks a lot !! =D

Glad it worked out for you.

Reply to @ssoulless: That’s great news. I bet you are relieved!! :slight_smile:

Reply to @ssoulless: Ya ! good news. Drupal development is quite new in Fiverr. Isn’t it?