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Several gig in 1 item is allowed in fiverr or not

Dear Fellow members,
I was wondering to find the gigs in the fiverr but couldn’t find in wnywhere. It’s three days gone. Some one said wait 72 hours. Is there any barrier lake that to find the gig in page? Am I allowed to make another gig in same or similar topic? As I am new so many questions comes in mind. Does any one advice me on these questions.
I have heard any wrong moves made one out of fiverr. Pls advise me what I shouldn’t do to avoid band.

Best regards


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Your account is showing one active gig.

You are not allowed to make similar gigs for the same thing.

Make sure to follow the Terms of Service (the rules) at the bottom of the Fiverr main page and you won’t get banned.


Dear shahidullah039 at first see your gig impression and click if you can see that then you are okay and your gig is running so don’t worry. Try to make a good gig not similar and do social marketing, increase your gig impression and click…
Best of luck and
Thank you


Thanks for your advice. I won’t make more than one gig in one item. I was just checking for advice about this. I will study the terms for more clear knowledge.