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Several gigs NOT showing in search results AT ALL

So after having a quite busy month of July, some of my gigs were COMPLETELY removed from search results (without filters).

I know this for a fact as I used several keywords that are either a part of gig’s title or gig keywords and went over every single page while having ‘F3’ search bar open to see if my gig pops on any of the pages. If I use the seller level two category filter, then my gigs are on the last page, but still, they’re not shown for results without any filter.

Of course, I’ve checked their active gig tool to check the status, and all of them were displayed as active.

It DIDN’T. I contacted CS about a month ago, they responded with a template, I replied giving them more info, they responded with a template, I replied pursuing the issue, they replied… you can see where this is going.

So, I’ve tried finding my gigs today and none of them is shown in search results to no avail. Basically, none of these gigs can be found for relevant keywords. I still have a gig that’s displayed in search results (albeit on the last page), but most of my gigs are not shown at all unless I use filters to narrow down the search.

In essence, this makes my gigs unsearchable, so the very essence Fiverr promises to a seller (impressions) is not fulfilled.

These articles may help:


Thank you! Will look into those.

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