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Severe Lack Of Communication


Unless I’m sleeping, I receive an email notification from Fiverr telling me I have a new message or a new order. I then head to Fiverr to respond to the question or to complete the order and so far all my orders have been delivered to the buyer within an hour of the order being placed.

I think that this is the very best approach to take, to be on top of every query and order.

I’ve been on the hunt for certain specific gigs and naturally I send them a little message before I order to make sure they are still on this planet. My question is… Why are sellers, who are top rated, level 2 etc so poor when it comes to communication?

This isn’t an attack on anybody, just a general question, am I genuinely an awesome seller who keeps on top of everything or is there a massive Fiverr new year party and I didn’t receive an invite?


It all comes down to time spent vs. amount made.

Most Top Rated Sellers have a good Gig description. So most answers to a question can be found there. You can also tell if a Seller is active by simply looking at their profile.

So… to put things in perspective… If I spend hours each day answering questions that have probably already been answered… or simple “Hello’s”… then where is the profit from a $5 base gig?


Sellers operate differently. Regardless of the reasons why, this is a benefit to you as a seller.

One of my strategies in building my Fiverr sales was to respond quickly and provide super fast turnaround because I had the time to do so. I used to have all my turnaround times set to 1 day and I really believe this helped me get noticed. Now I’m busy enough that I can afford to have more reasonable turnaround times (although I usually deliver in 24 hours anyway), but back when I had virtually no reviews to convince people to buy my gigs, I had to find another way to lure them in.

The only real secret to Fiverr is to be awesome (be fast, be through, be honest), so keep it up.


Reply to @bigbadbilly: I actually was a customer of yours on my other account which I use to purchase gigs and I can guarantee that if I say “Terry Fox is a legend” you will know exactly who I am.

I slightly have to disagree, each message is a chance to reassure the BUYER that they are going to get what they’ve paid for, $5 might not be much to a SELLER receiving 40-50 orders per day but to that one BUYER it could be their last $5 and they might want to make sure it’s not wasted on a gig worth nothing. So I respond to each and every message, bcause, each and every message is a potential customer and if you look beyond the $5 you might even develop a long term business relationship with them.

My promotions and marketing gigs like the article on my viral news website, I think I could sell that for around $40 just for the fact that my website receives 5000+ unique visitors per day.


Reply to @evpassino: Yeah I guess I should see it as a blessing in disguise as it means that it shows I’m willing to go the extra mile to give the buyer the very best service I can provide them with.