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Severely disappointed

Ordered a change to my webpage from

He wasn’t able to code a simple div size change that we agreed on before order. Was incredibly rude throughout the process. Undid work that he did and then wanted full payment. Very questionably asked for access to my page repeated times under threat of not refunding my money. I’m mortified to think of what he’s done to other people’s pages that allowed him to go back in.

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I can see, he have 200+ positive review and average response time is 2 hours… so i think his work quality is not so bad what you write in that thread… You should mutually solve that issue with him by understanding each other…

I am sorry you had such a bad experience. Unfortunately you are not allowed to call out other users here in the forum. I hope you were able to sort it out. Where you able to get a refund?

Maybe the person uses free templates from the internet? I already saw a few people here doing so. Maybe people gave good ratings because they didn’t know they could have it for free. Other than that I don’t know :smiley:

There’s a lot of poor sellers on here with good reviews because most choose to get a refund vs. giving a rating. Unfair system I think, people can be easily bribed and ratings remain the same.

Sorry this happened to you.
Web services are usually time consuming and require a fair amount of expertise in the field.
If you see that a service requires more than $5 and you paid $5 for it, it is too good to be true.
The seller might be selling free templates from the net as @lennadesigns mentioned.
The seller might not even know the basics of website coding.

Always make sure if the amount you are paying makes sense to the situation.

I don’t offer web designing here, because I know how much time and money it takes. If you want someone not to use payed stuff (e.g. visual composer which by the way is really helpful if someone wants to change some website arrangement without touching the code) then he has to do all the coding from scratch by himself, which means it will take more than 24 hours or 2 days, because it’s consuming. I create websites for few years and I wouldn’t create a website for $5. For this money I can provide the person with basic coding, so I don’t understand when someone says he’ll do advanced website for $5 without additional cost. This is just my opinion and I hope I didn’t hurt anyone by that:)

Just asked him to change the size of a DIV. Not rocket science, I just didn’t have the time to track down where it was.

He sat there and sent me over 20 emails saying that he had done the work, despite the fact that he didn’t. I don’t have that kind of time to fight for $5. I sucked it up and hired someone else who did it in 30 second.

Honestly don’t care if it’s against the rules to call out a person who in the last 2 days has done this to at least two people. (check his negatives) If it saves one person from ordering from him, it’s worth it.

Ahh didn’t notice the censor. Sorry that I was trying to keep people from making my mistake.

I know your feelings and I think that warning people from fake sellers should be acceptable, but it’s not. I hope you won’t have more experience with bad sellers in the future:)