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Sexual Predator in 'Buyer Requests'

I won’t name the guy. It’s obvious. I haven’t responded this time as he’s more overt, but he’s done it before under a different name and also trys to entice females into external contact for one thing.

Sort it out Fiverr. This guy is dangerous.



Please report this user as soon as possible by creating a ticket on Customer Support site.

Thank you

He probably does.

The hope is he doesn’t do in the dark in alleyways or in bushes or on late-night public transport.

Eek! You’d think he’d go to Facebook for that sort of thing.

Make sure nothing from your Fiverr account links to any social media profiles. I’ve had people find me on Facebook and stuff cos I used the same pictures.

Reply to @mark74:

It shouldn’t need a report. The guy is a sex pest blatantly trolling the ‘Buyer Request’ section. Fiverr should be making pro-active attempts top protect its users from dangerous individuals.

Reply to @creativelycandi: I agree with what “should” be but unfortunately Fiverr staff is small and Buyer Requests is an area that currently has many problems. I sincerely hope you will go ahead and submit a ticket. The guy needs to be banned and you have his username and full info on what he’s doing.

That is terrible! You need to report it.