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Shade from support

I have usually have had positive experiences with Fiverr support, but as with life, balance was awaiting. I have received revolving instances of shade (or disrespect, like not answering replies, and passive aggressive retorts) from various agents including a manager via Fiverr support. Usually when (patterned) things like this occur, there is a shift (miscommunications) occurring somewhere in the folds of commerce, but it’s not likely happening by way of the integral builders of the brand. Just be aware that this has happened to me, I hope it does not happen to anyone else. :pray:t4:

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I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience. Can you share what they said?

If you don’t mind me asking, why is your entire post in italics?


It all started with a refund I’d received for a seller that never replied for over 52 weeks. I was very gracious for Fiverr for doing this, so I figured I’d give back, while getting some work done for my business.

I posted a request, where I specifically stated that I needed the seller to guide me through the steps, due to illegal actions that had occurred from previous sellers. After finding a seller who agreed, we started.

Long story short, the seller proved pushy, manipulative, and made demands vs the plans that were outlined in my request. I reached out to Fiverr support, almost immediately. They opted to halt everything after I blocked the seller from communicating with me further. The conundrum for me, was blocking the individual, as the directions to do so, were n’t effective.

I notified support that I’d try finishing the order, but eventually the seller committed to exuding harassing behavior, along with not truly knowing how to complete the gig. It was at this point, that I reached out to support again. This is when things really went sour.

The first person I spoke with (and I kept their names) was seemingly more concerned with being an alpha aggressor amid all areas of my concerns, even when I expressed that I had a right to stop the production of the gig. He even started going ‘tit for tat’ by way of replies, after I politely requested not to be contacted further about what had happened. It was at this point, that I logically concluded I should speak with someone else.

This eventually evolved into my own research, speaking with various other support members including a manager. After being directed that I’d finally received a refund to Pay Pal, I was simultaneously told to change my passcode (as it was also concluded that my previous password was somehow compromised). It was at this point that I realized I’d been misdirected into being locked out of my profile. I was also owed $15 worth of refunds, that are now ‘missing’. Bottom line, I never got my refund, while it was stated that I had received it.

I’ve tried sharing this with support, while they’ve seemingly over stepped speaking with me, while marking my concerns as solved…

So the sale was halted and you got a refund from Paypal. When you get a refund from Paypal you’re fiverr account does get blocked.

I don’t know where the missing $15 comes in if you got a Paypal refund of what you spent. If it was from the first purchase you made, that was too long ago (52 weeks or more) to get any refund.

It seems you’ve had a series of issues with how you were talked to first by sellers and then by customer support. Sorry this happened to you!


You shouldn’t pursue “legal action” for $15. You’re wasting your time. Sorry you had to deal with immaturity, but you should grow up yourself and get over it.

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So if you issued a refund through PayPal and not from customer support cancelling your order you broke fiverr TOS and that’s why your account was blocked.
You probably don’t see that amount in your PayPal because it’s not immediately returned to your account after a chargeback but it takes time for PayPal to investigate and give time fiverr to reply to your chargeback with evidence.

I’m not sure how your legal action will go as you signed fiverr TOS and broke then yourself but anyway good luck with that.