Shady Buyer?


Um, so I sent a buyer pictures he ordered and he said he was satisfied with the work, “Thank you very much!! They’re awesome!! :slight_smile: Just what I needed”, to be precise. but after the order was marked as complete, it was cancelled, and the funds were returned to him. Did I really just get robbed that easily? Does someone know my next move? cause I can’t figure out how to even contact him after the order’s been cancelled. Check my attachment to see the message.


Hi, Jenifer. I’m sorry this happened to you. I had the same thing done to me recently. At least, they had the decency to message me about it, before, cancelling. I tried to work it out with them, to no avail. If there isn’t an option to message them from the order page, go to your cancelled orders & click on the member name there.


Hello Jenifer, that sucks…I mean really sucks.

I’d say try contacting the buyer first by clicking on the member name, wait and see if the buyer responds, if not, contact customer support.

I hope they can figure something out!


There is nothing you can do about these cancellations, they are the worst and CS cannot help you - this is a matter with PayPal Chargebacks.

Buyers who chargeback are often banned, but there is always a seller who gets stung


Same thing also happen to me!!!


If you can’t contact the buyer, try contacting CS to see if they know anything. And if not, tell them the situation and ask them to investigate to see if the buyer was being fraudelant, so they’ll be banned.


This has happened to me several times. Someone did this in the last week or so and ordered all the gig extras and extra fast delivery and as soon as they got the order did a chargeback. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done and going directly to paypal is not going to help as you do not have the paypal account details of the buyer and someone who does thiswill probably be banned anyway.


too bad a development

jeniferaguire said: Did I really just get robbed that easily?
I know it's small consolation, but at least you were only robbed of $5. At my day job I've literally completed thousands of dollars of work over many weeks and had the clients simply refuse to pay after receiving their work. The expense of hiring a debt collection service or attorney just isn't practical.

Do what others suggest: screen grab ALL the communications, contact CS, and then PayPal if CS can't help. But definitely go through Customer Support first - Fiverr doesn't like sellers dealing directly with PayPal either.

Good luck!