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Shady(?) people asking to sell their services through your own seller account or to chat online outside fiverr?

An acquaintance of mine I recommended fiverr to being a seller on mentioned their initial experience as follows, are these well-known scams you’ve also experienced in particular? And how do they even make money by trying to hijack your account this way?
“I signed up for fiver for a couple weeks and checked it every day. I got a lot of shady messages from people wanting to use my account as a front. They would do all the work, and I would be the front man, this leading to other corrupt schemes I am sure. Of course, I simply ignored all that. One message I received seemed legit, but they wanted to go to a well-known online chat/video service and not type out what they wanted to me. I didn’t have on that chat service, and they bailed on me immediately. After having all those negative interactions, I turned it off. I might give it another chance, not sure.”
Fiver sellers, did you experience this when first starting out? Is it an ongoing part of who contacts you even after you become established with numerous past gigs you sold? Is it something that’s new on fiverr, or been around awhile? Was it the majority of those who contact you, or only a tiny portion? Any general or specific tips/insight appreciated. Is it just something to endure as one hopefully gets gigs and therefore the percentage of those trying to pull such a stunt are a minority of who is contacting a seller after they gig more and more gigs and legit contacts outnumber the scammers/shady contacts?

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I was also contacted by several people. offering the same.
I told him that I’m not interested in his proposal. and they got upset

Similar stuff, yes.

It happens later, too.

Just report them and block them, especially if they ask for any kind of contact outside of Fiverr (it’s strictly forbidden, and can get you banned if you accept to do it).


Hmm… I presume that since there’s plenty of sellers who advance to the higher levels, they aren’t so bogged down with only scammer messages, but increasingly get more and more legit messages that they tolerate it without giving up. Though I suppose it can be disappointing on one’s first few weeks perhaps only getting these messages.

Anyone having further thoughts about this topic are welcome to share, thanks.

Hello and welcome to fiverr! I have been here over six years. I rarely get these types of messages. They seem to target newcomers, since they may be unaware of how fiverr works or unaware of the rules and terms of service.

I’ve never found it to be a big problem. You can use the little report button and simply report these messages.

You will find this is a very nice site to work on or make purchases on in general. Don’t let these messages discourage you. They will fade out as you are on fiverr more.