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Shady Seller!

I was contacted by a seller , who started off by saying

“i have few projects,are you intrested?”.

I was interested, so I said, Yeah Sure!, and this is what he sent

“Hey it’s nice to see you here, actually i have another new profile and i need some reviews on it so plz can you buy one of my gig and give me 5 star review ? In return i will buy your 2 gigs with different ids and give you 5 star ratings…and i will be the first one to buy your gigs”

Is this even legal, I know its very difficult to get the first few ratings, I had to do ungodly amount of work for $5 to get that first rating. But resorting to foul practices like this is just lame. I wanted to report him to CS, but he was just starting out and I did not want to ruin his future on fiverr.

Nope. That is 100% against the rules of Fiverr. Users cannot have more than one Fiverr account – for those exact reasons.

Report him to Fiverr. He is, most definitely, breaking the rules.

Reported him. Fiverr could prevent this by restricting registration from same IP, but I don’t think that would help, they could easily use a proxy and register from a different IP. This user is “From: United States” :P.

You did the right thing. He’s probably not even new if he knew to resort to those tactics. Shady is right and probably using a proxy. Thanks for reporting. Sellers like that chase buyers away for the rest of us.

What should I do about other new sellers who ask me for work? It’s perfectly harmless, so I say sorry, I work alone and forget all about it. But are they violating any rules?

They aren’t supposed to send you spam.