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Shahidullah here to introduce

Hello everyone,

I am shahidullah, a new seller in fiverr world. But I will definitely ask you about your business before starting with you. As I need to know what type of website customer wants from me. It is very important to understand the purpose of the website.
There are various types of web-sites -
So far in my study I found - Blogging sites, Personal portfolio ○ Landing page / Squeeze page ○ Corporate or business site ○ E-commerce site ○ Education / university ○ News paper / news sites
○ Travel agency site ○ Online Job portal ○ Kmowledge or Information sites ○ Photo gallery sites
○ Social networking Etc etc . More name would comes like Government sites for law and vissa process. Gaming, Research, Literature catagories goes on and on.
I always facinate with the web and dreamt to build my career in web site making. How these sites are made and who are the bulders!
Before starting here I have developped my skils in last three years on Html5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Mail chimp, Theme edit and customize

Pls advise will these be helpful while I am also developing skills on- Mysql, Database and Table, PHP, LARAVEL,CODE IGNITER

More over I study various types of websites. Took knowledge from them. Working is the power I know and believe in myself, I can do. With the help of almighty, I finally prepare for it and still going on skill development. Pls give me proper guidance and let me in.

Best regards



nice jobe brother go agead

Welcome to fiverr. . I hope will you do something exclusive. Best of luck

hope see your success soon

Welcome to fiverr forum,I think you will get success quickly on fiverr.

Best of luck…wanna see your success

best of luck brother…