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Shall I cancel the order?

I recently received an order, the buyer provided all the information regarding the project. I design the concepts and send them to the buyer. He replied late, although he was willing to work with me. Then I received a message from him saying that he is busy and could not work further. He said probably he will work when he is free and requested for cancellation. I need you suggestions should I cancel the order?


No!!! Your buyer doesn’t get to compromise your livelihood just because they didn’t order at the right time. It’s his fault. His cost. Not yours.

This also looks fishy. If he knew what is needed, why not just accept?


So I should just deliver the order, and don’t care about his excuse?
Well, he looked kind and professional in his conservation.

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Yes. Explain that the ToS indicates he doesn’t get to cancel an order for that reason. Quote the ToS.

All con artists do.

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Something similar happened with me just few minutes ago and I have to cancel the order.
As per the buyer, he is busy for 2 weeks(within 1 hour of ordering he got emergency work to handle) and he would order again.

Yeah! same thing. Is he new to Fiverr?
Buyer who ordered is new to Fiverr

This was a custom order from buyer requests, and the buyer budget was high for his project but I mistakenly put low price. So, I requested him for custom offer again on the same day of the order. he said that it doesn’t matter, He will pay the money left. But now time is very less, maybe 2 hours only. Currently, I am going to deliver the project. I don’t know what to do now! Maybe contacting CS and asking them to cancel the order without loosing my stats?

@jonbaas Any advice from your side?

I’m not sure what, specifically, you want my advice about.

Should I have cancel the order?

CS can take up to 10 days to respond.

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aa, i can’t wait up-to 10 daysssss!!