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Shall I change my username before selling

Ive been on here since around 2018 so there is a little history on my account as a buyer and I have around 3 reviews left for me which are all good but these are as a buyer. I used the username you can see here to create the account.

I am considering starting selling on fiverr, Im top rated on another platform and what I sell would work well on here but I have something I have been wondering about. Am I better off changing my username to something that would be less generic and more catered towards what I am selling or just keeping it as it is.

Ive seen the similar topics to the side of this one and it seems loads of people rush to threads with the words “changing username” in them and tell you that you cannot do that but you can. You can delete your account and create a new one, I have checked this with support.

So the thing I am hesitating on is would I be better having an account from 2018 with a little buyer feedback and an off topic name or a new account if I start over with a specialist name focused on what I am selling. The question is causing me to stall as I wonder if the name will:

  1. Impact peoples decision to buy?
  2. Play any part or factor into the algorithm with regards to where my gigs show up for when, would having a 2018 account vs a new one impact that too?
  3. It will almost certainly play a part in how/if my profile or gigs rank in google search naturally?

One minute I decide Im overthinking and just need to get on with it, the next min I think I should delete the account and start over with a “perfect” setup.

Have anyone given this any thought or been down this road?

Thanks for reading if you got this far

I don’t think it makes any difference at all to be honest. Seeing someone called bestseodude isn’t going to make me think they are more reliable than john or some other name.
Your name here isn’t bad either, you avoided the hazards of adding 420 or the nice number to your name so you shouldn’t have an issue. Perhaps the overthinking/procrastination bug is using this as an excuse for you to get stuck in and get started? Just go for it.


I had that same thought. It’s not really about what name to use.

Names don’t matter. Just make some gigs and see what happens.