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Shall I go all in?

I just got my first order for a Gig I posted 5 days ago. Shall I go all in and force a 5 star doing more than I promised, or just fulfill what I promised and hope for the best?

The buyer needs a logo design and a business card design. I was thinking of making 3 designs (accompanied by their business cards - In editable PDF format). I was also thinking of animating the logos in separate files, even if I don’t know if he will ever use the animations.
Logo: PNG transparent (72 and 300 ppi), the source file, the 3D mock-up, the app icon, the CMYK and RGB version for all 3 logos.
Business Card: 3 designs - 6 files (3 Double-Sided, 3 Single-Sided), source file, editable PDF format (you can edit the name, position, address, website, phone number and email on any device) and grid line-up for print setup.
Simple animation for all 3 logos to be used as intro/facebook cover.

Is this overkill, considering he is a new buyer and not responsive to messages? :slight_smile:
I’m scared I will look like a fool if I struggle so hard to impress and he makes a chargeback or something.

How did you approach your first sale ever on Fiverr?

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If you have reviews for your other gigs, I wouldn’t kiss their butt too much. Just deliver what’s outlined in your gig, with maybe a little sprinkle of something extra.

You are offering too much for 5 bucks already. Now focus on doing the job perfectly. Quality is the only thing that helps earn good reviews.

It’s $50, not $5. I would never sell for 5 because I don’t use templates and it’s hard work.

I don’t, this is my first order ever.

Sorry, I misread. You can provide multiple options (draft) to choose from to ensure satisfaction which I do sometimes. Multiple finished products are not necessary because the buyer needs only one.

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You didn’t misread, I didn’t mention at all how much he pays me. For me, drafts don’t have the impact a finished product does. Sometimes you can hate the draft and love the finished product :slight_smile:

@arcticdesigner I suggest you give the customer exactly what he ordered, you can give him another design bonus only 1 FORMAT. I saw your presentation, focus on the video category, or you can add an extra option to animate their design. I’m from Romania too. Never ask for a review, Fiverr offers this on delivery and is against TOS. I am more than sure that you will be successful, just that you have to be patient and provide quality.

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I would never ask for a review, but I really hope I get one (a good one), since I have no reviews and it might help me get more orders. I am patient, it’s just that I wanted to go wild on my first order. Who knows, maybe I get some recommendations from him.
I specialize in Brand Building IRL, so the video category is not my best skill (I’m ok, but definitely not an artist).

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