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Shame on you Fiverr, Why you force people money to stay on the balance it's really a big Scam

I did purchase a tshirt design and it was really poor and low quality, after that I got my refund, but can’t withdraw it back to my paypal, yes I know it’s stated on the TOS but this is a big Scam -_- never use this service again


You can´t withdraw yourself, but Fiverr customer support can do that for you, I think the ToS say that as well.

Anyway, you can contact them at this link to ask them to refund your money to your payment source:


There is a price for a quality work.

Do not hesitate there is a lot of amazing talent in fiverr.
Using other services is the right thing for you


@miiila Thank you for your reply I will see what I can do, otherwise I will look for other designer, some designers are not clear with buyers, they just want to take the money. he charged me 25$ for copy past design -_- !!!, if you guys now a good T-shirt designer please tell me !


@backlinks_index Yes I choosed the wrong designer


@davidgantt361 please check always new concept and then order and unlimited revision on new concept you want.
i am also a designer but if anyone contact me for gig order i ask him for his concept that he want.
always ask to seller that he design your concept.

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