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Shameless Plug (Editing, Writing, Transcribing, etc)

Hello Fiverr friends,
Yes, I realize that promoting gigs is a little annoying sometimes (and to those who have been subject to my incessant forum posts asking for help or advice, thank you for enduring through the pain). However, since my Fiverr profile is now complete, I just wanted to promote the services I have for anyone who is interested. I have bolded each of the services I provide for easier reference.

If you are interested in any of these, the link to my seller profile is on my Fiverr forum profile (click the avatar).

My main specialty is in writing, especially blogs and articles. I am currently working as a technical blog writer at IITRun and am experienced with research and APA/MLA formats. In addition, I am skilled with using SEO.

However, I also do well with editing. As a native English speaker who notices little grammar and writing details (and is probably a little picky), I can also edit for content and provide feedback.

If you are interested in my writing but want to ensure I am a good fit, I can write you custom writing samples through my Sample Writing gigs.

For transcribing, I have a strong ear and attention to detail, and I can type longer words/medical terms at 79 words per minute.

Finally, I can provide MBTI evaluations. I understand how each of the functions correspond in each personality and how the personality types relate function-wise. In addition, I understand how shadow functions are developed and can appear to alter the main personality (yes, I am a nerd).

If you are interested, feel free to message me! I am open to custom offers and long-term projects. Although I may not have a Master’s Degree or a decade of work experience, I promise to offer high-quality, efficient, and professional work.


i see your gig. its better work service but u will provided more better eye-catching pictures in your gig.

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Thank you for letting me know; I’ll work on finding better images!


Thank You . Its my pleasure

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