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Share how u learned?

Hello, I’m new in fiverr. I’m curious to know how u learned a sector? And please also give me advice how to learn?

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Find something you enjoy doing first, then learn how to do it really well.

That way, you’ll be happy, and your buyers will be too! :sunny:


I enjoy wordpress. Now where i can learn it ?also tell me yours how u learned a sector.


Do a Google search - YouTube videos are particularly helpful.

I’ve learned some skills from Udemy courses - get on their mailing list, and they’ll notify you when special offers are available.

I’m always learning new things, might actually put some of them to good use in the next few weeks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I went to University, got a degree, worked at two television stations, read everything I could, watched everything I could, kept learning everything and everywhere I could… And I keep learning, because there’s always something new, and there’s always room for improvement.

I’m talking about decades of learning, by the way. A course can get you started, but it’s just the beginning. You never completely ‘learn a sector’, there’s always more.


You’re quite right of course @catwriter - many years of full-time education, degrees and decades of experience in a full-time job help tremendously! :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes learning new things at my advanced age much easier!


I have learned

  1. Never late on any orders
    2.Never misbehave with buyer
    3.Always follow fiverr rules and policies
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Search in this forum , what do you want to earn? Also go to fiverr academy page


First find your interest
take grip on it. You must know every thing related to your field
go through terms and conditions of fiverr policy
upload gigs everyday until you get your first order
work hard so that your client love your work and review you best
once you get your best review your account will start running just try to satisfy your client
never use abusive language and never late your order.
That’s what I learnt from my experience in fiverr :slight_smile:

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A sector? Whats that?Do you mean a section?

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