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Share IP isseu and real IP issue

I live with my family. now my family shifts to a new area. in my new area, there is no real IP network connection. so if I use share IP there is any problem with my Fiverr account. any chances to disable my account or I face any problems. please advise me Thanks


No, It’s not a big issue… Sometime it fact beacuse… Some time share ip can’t find… From an real ip Your service provider make many connection… It is the main problem. When you browse that time you will identify by your real ip not Share ip… When many share ip will hit an website ( but all share ips under the real ip) that time they will think that it’s an spam or something wrong… Then they will Block Your Ip address…


so in this time what can i do

I am not sure what you mean abour Sgare IP, but for example, sometimes I work in coworking spaces, at the cafe, or in any other public place, and everything is ok, but if you have any doubts - contact CS team, inform them about it and ask if everything is ok with your situation


thanks for your helpfuul comments

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