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Share my experience what happen

Greetings to all of Fiverr. for the last two or three days. Texting me. The buyers are telling me that I’m giving you something on Google Drive. You open these files and let me know if you can do it. When I open it, I see that there is some programming that is meant to be a hack on your account, then I rush to clear my browser cache and log out everything an hour later. the other buyer sent me the same Google Drive me with the link. What can I do now? I want to share it with everyone. Is something like this happening to any of you? If it happens, please share it. Thank you all. Happy Fiverr community.

Very Sad, no brother I didn’t get any buyer like that.

You should do one more thing, contact Fiverr Support and tell everything to them also

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback

I have also faced same problem

very sad…

very sad……