Share Some Fun Life Stories


With the whole Fiverr messing with the algorithm and busting businesses issue going on I think all of us can use at least some positivity. Share the funniest story that you can think off from your life, let’s raise some spirits here.
Fiverr is bound to get the algorithm fixed soon now; so, in the meantime share away!


Yeah, the new algorithm does favor new sellers which is beyond me BUT let’s not talk about that here.
Share the funniest story you have from your life, I dare ya mines will be funnier.


gina_riley2 doesn’t have any Gigs to display

too lazy to screenshoot it



I know she/he is a buyer :stuck_out_tongue:


I made an insanely spicy beef stew this evening with a bag full of fresh chilies, a huge box of chile flakes, an entire ginger root and some Somalian red paste in a little tin which is so strong people in Somalia use it to keep pirates away.

Anyway, my stew was fantastic (though would probably kill anyone who isn’t me). The problem started when after rinsing the bowl, I scratched my eye, temporarily blinded myself, and then proceeded to scratch other parts of my anatomy which are apparently similarly as sensitive to chile.

It has been an evening even worse than that upon which I first experimented with hair removal cream in places which I shouldn’t have.

Thankfully, I am now much more recovered. All I need to do now is remember not to scratch anywhere tomorrow during Andy meets insane hot food part Deux.


oh wait… I need more explain, what happen


do you mean, who create new account?


or use multiple ID in many devices ? :octopus:


Believe it or not mistaking someone’s gender has gotten me in some real trouble in the forums :smile:
So if I’m not certain what your gender is that was the best alternative I had. #2017


All right, this cheered me up XD
My turn :sunny:
It’s the mid of November and it’s damn cold. I’m sleeping on the couch at 3pm all snuggled up in my warm blankets (3 double layered) and then suddenly my cat decides to give me company.
Now you may not know but I love cats, dogs and anything that has fur (even boots). Naturally, I let it in my fortress of warmth ans ut makes it’s way to my chest so I had to keep the sheets suspended using my elbows.
Here’s when this seemingly lovely time soon became torture. The damn cat fell asleep…like slow purring, max cutness and coiled upon my chest.
I stay like that for like 5 hours and then it decides to pee on me…cats are pretty messed up and will manipulate human beings to fall in order to further their plans to bcome the dominant race someday.
You have been warned.


Wait, what… I didn’t mean it that way. Come back.
How did it end up this way???
I wasn;t referring to you just to something that happened before on the forums. You’re one of the few people I genuinely like here.


What did you do to Gina!


I don’t know!!! @gina_riley2 come back




We’re good. Just some misunderstanding!!


Thank god I was genuinely worried back there.
It’s 7 am here (sleep is for the weak) that might play a part in whatever happened :stuck_out_tongue: :heart_decoration:



Sleeping is soooooooooo yesterday. :grinning:

I mean it’s 21st century, for goodness sake! Who has time to sleep?

(Yarn! :sleeping: )


This reminds me of the time I discovered coffee and went 48 hours without sleep playing Dragon Ball Budokai tenkaichi 3 on a PS2 at a friends place where I was staying over.
Good times ~~~~


I don’t know what happen but i kinda like how you guys “guys” manage it.
Did you see what i did here.:upside_down:
And thanks for the post
Plus i want someone to share fun story and then at the end he/she (:boy: Ohhh come on) says
"why my gig doesn’t sho…"


thank you, but how u know! :wink: