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Share the most craziest and exaggerating Job request you have seen on fiverr?

Just for fun. some buyers think

we are shit, and they can treat us anyhow.

This buyer wanted to pay 1$ for every one minute of the video. Yet, people are still sending offers. lol :joy:
Share your expwerience.


I shared it too much but it’s gold


I like yours because it confirms that a big amount of buyers are rats, and I like it more because they write their request as a professional then it’s impossible to take it seriously.
And the worst thing is that 5 jesters actually replied this request, lol.

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Its ok but some peoples are sending offer for $5 1000 subscriber, i don’t know how will they give this subscriber. and before sending buyer request kindly pls check that is it buyer or seller, some seller will do post for buyer request to increase their impression.

I started to change my mind, especially after my last 4 orders as a buyer on Fiverr where I practically again “donated my money” for nothing.

I am sorry to all but as a buyer as well on this platform I must say that, as a buyer, I can put anything I want on BR.

I could ask for video editing, I could ask for a trip around the Moon, I could ask for editing of gazillion words, or drawing a gazillion artworks, or making infinite music…

No one is twisting anyone’s arm to do it for my 5$ budget.

Why? If I go to the market and one guy is asking for 500$ and the other one is asking 5$ what makes the buyer a rat if he jumps on the table and asks “Who is willing to sell me this for 4$?”

I am a seller here. I have my rates. I sell one logo for a minimum 100$. If someone comes and says he wants it for 5$ I will say no.

It is easy as that. Say NO.

Yes, I agree totally with you that the BR section is ridiculous but why people send offers?

Why would I pay someone with my rates if he is willing to do it on his rates?

@mahmud1233 Price of 1000 sub and 4000 watch hours is 6.6$ on any better SM market.

And this image is shared by Fiverr seller broadcasting on YouTube how he makes 4k every month here on Fiverr selling this service at 100-200$ on a couple of accounts.

Plus in most cases they are not the ones doing the work, they outsource (yes, even 5$ orders get outsourced, you have websites like Fiverr but they start with 1$ for 5 logos or 5 videos editing)

Hourly rates start with 1$ image


@marinapomorac what you posted will be accurate depending on the type of work. Let’s say a voice over it is easier done, a person can ask for a voice over for 5$, after all, it’s just to talk right? I don’t think so. Now put it this way, would you ask for 5$ to get a surgery? Of course it’s not possible, the job is tideus. Same goes to some categories like video and animation part. It just takes a lot of work, without using template to create something off your own. I got a script that took 2 years and 20,000 work hours to make, did you expect to get that type of service at 5$ etc?. Some buyers should be reasonable, and think before they make a request. Is this request I am going for fit in the 5$ or way higher pay? How can you expect some one to make a 60 second video for 1 minute, plus texts, transitions, colour grade etc for 1$… did he the buyer consider the electricity bill utilised at that moment, talkless of the service rendered?

I would not ask, but the sure thing I will try everything to see how can I get it for free or at minimum cost.
Now, in my country surgeries are free so I am guessing you have different things going on when you mention paying for surgery.

Being reasonable is OK; but also why would anyone spend 10$ if he can get the same thing for 5$?

The problem here are not buyers.

Problem are sellers.

Why do they offer this? Why do we have so many sellers offering money-back guarantees and unlimited revisions?

I don’t. They offer to do it.

If I post BR nobody has to reply to it and send an offer.

I always tip the buyers that deliver proper work. But every time I paid the real price beforehand I never got quality for that budget. Never.

The problem with Fiverr is if I put 5$ or 500$ there are zero guarantees I will get quality work.

It is a pure lottery. And with the lottery, more tickets means more chances of winning, so why risk 500$ on one when you can get 100 for 5$ and maybe one will be good, any you are in profit for every other that delivered good work.

THIS TASK IS ONLY FOR MEN. Create content for muscle men’s swimwear/Underwear in soft EROTIC style. We need a content writer. 4000 words in total for 7 USD. (Trial order, if the result is good we might hire again) • Creative in text writing “Describe more “why” the customer needs the product/service instead of “what” it’s about. It must be so good, that you are almost having fun by reading it, and the brain begins to work and create pictures in your head. "High lights the benefit, the dream, the problem this product will solve for the Muscle Man (men’s swimwear/underwear fashion related ) •
(4000 words for 7 bucks. It’s not even the price, it’s… I don’t even know. Obviously I am NOT the target audience (or the writer, for that matter) so I might be missing the joke here, but…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is too much for me. ’As my success on YouTube increases, the success of my editor will increase’

Where do these people come from? No matter how low the standard of living of some countries are, these prices are outrageous.

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I have seen a lot like this, I have no idea who they think they are :rofl:
They think it’s enough to film themself with a camera playing stupid games on twitch :rofl:
Check their profiles and see 100 followers, 0/1 viewer :rofl:
Think he is gonna get a pro editor to literally work for free :rofl:
Humanity is doomed, only one solution: the atome :rofl:


:smile: :smile: :smile:
And here I thought the writing category was worse

Likely admonishing the buyer, rather than actually asking to work with them. I’d be surprised if any of those offers are legit. A bit sad too, no one should be selling their services that cheap.

What about this? Looking for a match in Fiverr!!!

I always like to send things like that when they ask me for Reasonable price XD


My buyer wanted me to marry her. :flushed: