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Share you story of getting your first order!

Hi there I am a new seller and I want a source of motivation for my journey.Please tell your story so new seller like me can get started and also tell me how much time it takes you to get the first review(order)


@creative_axis 10 days I think from the time I created my profile till the time I got my first order.

I didn’t know (hadn’t done the free fiverr course for new sellers yet then, I did after completing multiple orders) or maybe possibly at first didn’t have access to buyer requests but it took me a week from joining fiverr till I realized that buyer requests existed.

The tenth buyer request I responded to resulted in my first order.

There were two buyers I communicated with before that, they wrote to me after I sent buyer requests, but the communication didn’t result in an order.

I haven’t had any buyers contact me on their own yet, without me responding to a buyer request.


@creative_axis I got My frist order through message!


I got first order on 3rd day of joining fiverr.


I got my first sales in 3rd day


I got it on the 9th day after posting my gig. It was through buyer requests. About 40% of all my orders are because of buyer requests.

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I got my first order one day after publishing my gig, through message. The buyer even promised another job, if the first one turns good. And I tried my best, that he gave me 5 star review and a tip of $5.


Good if you are not joking.

Why would I make a joke about it.Screenshot_2020-06-15-06-24-44-1


but you don’t have any review yet.

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I got my first job on Fiverr through a message about my 4th published Gig (that had been up for just a few days). I think I got very lucky early on as I had a number of subsequent jobs from the same buyer. I have been on other similar sites, but so far Fiverr is proving the best for me. Good luck!