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Horrible absolutely horrible, some Indian buyer won’t stop asking for revisions on a $5 article even after it’s almost up to 800 words. Any advice would be great honestly.

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write your requirement ! what you will do for 5$ before order you can discus it with your buyer! I think it will be better if you stop received order from this type of people!:slight_smile::confused:

It seems, I’m going to be a bit of a party pooper here :stuck_out_tongue:

So far, I’ve had nothing but nice experiences. Even that one buyer who was… let me use the euphemism of short-spoken (the first one where I felt compelled to take screenshots of our conversation) left a happy review after two revisions.

Of course...

… it’s largely due to the nature of my gigs. I don’t really create for clients. I create beforehand, off Fiverr and my service is (for now and mostly) to beautify buyers’ content with my work, not create their content. Nice and easy. That said, I absolutely need to up my game with custom, tailor-made offers. So, ask me again in the hopefully near future, I’ll probably have some war stories to tell

(One experience from today, however: every gig I offer is Motion GFX. That’s where I’m at home. But somehow, I just ended a conversation with someone who, over a total of 8 messages, told me about the email/newsletter he wanted me to design. :confused: )

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The requirements are there, I’ve already told him the work will cost more but he “really” doesn’t wanna pay more and I’ve invested way too much work into this for it to get canceled. I can’t even tell people like this not to make an order since they make an order before discussing with me. I’m just pretty much venting at this point. Sorry.

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