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Share your 2 secret selling tips with rest of the Fiverr community


Hi All,

I have started this topic just to help out other fiverr Freelancers.
I think there should be a post, where people share at-least one or two tips that how they started selling more gigs on fiverr. Please keep the reply short and sweet . Please don’t give suggestions like give extra to clients or communication because i think we all establish this point till now that fiverr cares for clients more than the sellers. So all the top guns of fiverr community:
1- Please share how you reached from 100 to 300 sales per month?
2- How you market your gig to get more views and more sales?
3- any suggestions for rest of the freelancers?
4- Do’s and Don’t?

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Don`t - Share the secret of your business(or whatever you name it) with anyone. This is your speciality and spreading it will never help you. Sometimes selfishness is good.

BTW the 2 secret selling tips are-

  1. GiG Optimization.
  2. Buyers targeting.

There isn`t much secret.


There are two secrets for running your own business:

  1. Never tell everything you know.


imagine being a new seller and reading the first two replies to this thread. lol,
The discouragement is out of this world.


Good advice. Thanks


Yes. True Lol


I was kidding a little bit. Don’t take everything so serious.
Do it because you love it, money will come eventually. That’s my secret. Or was…



Spot on:)

  1. Share your Gigs everyday on social media.
  2. Be active on this forum.


There are a lot of secrets but most of the sellers will never tell them. The ones you can easily get nowadays were shared by some of the generous sellers and the term secret was changed into tips for those stuffs. So, be the Sherlock Holmes and best of luck for finding some secrets on your own.


You kidding me? This is just another lazy post from an OP who doesn’t want to do the hard work (<–secret tip!) of researching the resources open to them (<–secret tip!) and then applying them (<–secret tip!) to their own efforts.

There’s no secrets at all. Plenty of people have given great tips/secrets in the past, and they’re all on the forum. If it is too hard for newbies to take the initiative (<–secret tip!), then freelancing will not be for them.

and OP… doing something because you love it isn’t a secret–it’s a folly. Plenty of people have come to loathe their hobbies after making it their business. I’m good at what I do, but I hate doing it, and I hate what it represents. But it pays the bills. (<–secret tip!)

There, that’s loads of secret tips that everyone’s going to ignore because there’s no magic sprinkle-sprinkle dust to go with it.

Use your common sense (<–secret tip!), folks.


" I’m good at what I do, but I hate doing it, and I hate what it represents."
It sounds like you equate it to being a lady of the night.


If you saw some of the bs that flew out of my fingers last week (which they loved), you’d know why.


You were asked to give 2 secret tips only.

You gave us… 1,2,3…6!

You are great and I will mek many sells now! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Running at risk of sounding as a feel - good mumbo jumbo “everything is awesome just think positively” guy, I’ll honestly have to say that the two most important ingredients are:

  1. Love what you do.
  2. Treat your Fiverr Buyers with the same level of professionalism you’d treat multi - million dollar Clients if you were a Corporate CEO. And I mean - go all the way (feel free to ask me for specific tips on doing this if you wish).

Just a couple of days ago my Grandma walked past me and worriedly asked me “Don’t you get tired of writing 6 hours a day after finishing your shift? (I work a full time job as well.)”

I answered: “I don’t get tired because I love what I do.”

I can’t make it more honest than that. I used to spend time passionately researching on a variety of topics, analyzing them and then writing about them for my own pleasure.

Several years ago, when I realized I could do it for a living - my Life turned around for the better.

If I could write full time for the rest of my life while chilling in mountains (which is a vision of mine slowly manifesting itself in reality) - I’ll be one happy, happy, happy camper.


Just wait until you burn out, my friend, and buyers want to you to deliver on tap. There’s nothing to love there.


Well, there are hundreds of truly valuable tip posts already on the forum if a new user doesn’t stop at one thread with repeated info. Much of the more complex help can be gained through ebooks on and off Fiverr, helper gigs, free blogs about Fiverr (including the official one) and the podcast. People get tired of hearing all this and reminders about the Fiverr Academy and Support Team Knowledgebase, but that’s because they want a magic pill to success. There is no substitute for effort.


I would mention my magic dust in more detail, but that would be self-promotion.


I have one thing in common, but it comes with an add-on. I agree with If I could write full time for the rest of my life while chilling in mountains (which is a vision of mine slowly manifesting itself in reality) – I’ll be one happy, happy, happy camper."

Mine doesn’t have to be mountains, I like beaches and forests too. However, mine has a part 2. It requires a substantial side fund (<–secret tip) that pays for the regular bills, full time assistant, editor, housekeeper, groom (for the stables) and chef. I will just do the fun draft writing and my aides will apply the boring stuff that makes it pretty so people will buy it, adding to my luxury fund.