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Share Your Best Tips That helped you get your first order

Share with me your best Tips that you got from Forum that helped you get your First ever Order!
new seller like me will get some job :blush:

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Delivery on time and stay online is the key


Personally I made sure I was available and offered a fast turn around time, I then delivered way ahead of schedule to prove my worth to the buyer.

  1. Learn about Fiverr Gig Promotion and then start your business on Fiverr.
  2. Stay Online and response Quickly
  3. maybe its your luck to get 1st order in few days like me. I was signup at Fiverr in 2017 but due to busy life schedule I didn’t do something, So in Sep,2019 I start work on Fiverr again and I got my first order in just 2 day’s .