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Share your experience about negative feedback


Hi all,

Hope you well. This two months I become level one rank but I did mistakes.
when I with no level seller I got 3 orders per week when I get level one batch I got many orders but I can`t delivered some of them at right time, so I lost my order competition then I get back to no level, my ratings down but some how I get back on level one.

But now I did`t have any orders like before. I saw there is a negative ratings on my profile and It will be forever on my profile. Every time I saw It, I feel like I lost everything, my fiverr career is over. after that I read lot of about negative feedback and how to recover it also I search sellers with negative feedback they have 2 or 3 negative feedbacks but they have positive feedback 500+ , I have only 120 positive and 4 negative feedback. :(:tired_face:

I want to know should I keep going or shutdown this account and create a new one please share your experience with me, Also I like know what are the other things I should read now, If I read about negative feedback earlier my profile still be good.

here is my profile link :

Thank you,


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR

If you closed this account and started a new account you would lose everything you have built up and may still get some negative reviews.


Yes I was thinking about it, Thanks for the reply, the article really help me to feel better.

“Keep strong keep fighting”

I saw a lot of same gigs with different sellers, but I always tried to sell something new that thing keeps me alive, If I am the only one who`s selling that gig I have chance. I am believing that.