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Share Your Experience And Tips Here :)


I will share my story in next post and also some tips…

here anyone can share there experiences with fiverr and also can share some tips thats they known :slight_smile:

Thanks You Very Much :slight_smile:


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Thanks For Reply … Website Is Completely launch and open for customers feedback for improve ,
Sorry For Some Spell Mistake :frowning:

Its A Pure Post Real Post Not Spamming From Any Way ,

Am Happy To See Your Comment :slight_smile:


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sorry if you all don’t like that , its first time post and next time i will try my best again ,

Sorry But i just want to share my experience :frowning:


It must have already been a month since I started here on Fiverr. One of my friends suggested this to me and he has been doing quite fine. So, needless to say, I also started out with some modest expectations.

However, nothing has come up and it is a bit demoralizing. Don’t get me wrong. I had fun setting up all my gigs with my daughter but the number of orders (which are actually none) has blunted that excitement.


thanks for reply … :slight_smile:
don’t worry about order , just focus setting up the best gig titles and descriptions. Here Once you get started and after receive 1st or 2nd orders and also if you done the hard and valuable job then you will see the magic of FIVERR.
Hard And Valuable Work Never Get Waste Here …

Keep Working Thanks You So Much Again :slight_smile:


You can share, just read the forum rules first. They are clear about where you can promote sales. This category is for talking about your general experiences, not what you sell.


I have removed , :slight_smile: ,

thanks for your info :slight_smile:


It’s been two weeks for me on Fiverr now. I m confident that my writing skills are quite good and I can write about almost anything but I still don’t seem to get any orders or views on my gig. Looks like writing jobs decreased by a great number and logo/website designing skills are more in demand these days. A freelancer should always have multiple skills to be able to compete in the market. I am looking forward to developing new skills as well as not give up on my writing jobs.


Thanks For Reply :slight_smile:

i see in your account and you have only one gig added in your account.
first thing is create multiple gigs and the most important thing for new seller is put 1 day delivery time. it will help you getting your first order.
after you become 2nd level seller or 1st then you can change the delivery time .

if you need any other info then plz comment here ,
am ready and happy to help you :slight_smile:

Thanks Again :slight_smile:


I’ve been here for a little over a month after a friend of mine told me good things about it, but so far I haven’t gotten a single order. I would change my gig titles, descriptions and even lowered the prices on them so much that I know I’m underselling myself just to get customers, but I’ve got nothing. Even if I put 1 day delivery time or Unlimited revisions… Not a single order.

It’s very discouraging for me and I don’t know what to do. I quit my previous job as a waitress and bravely took the chance to pursue what I love the most, but if this keeps up I might have to go back to bussing tables (which I really don’t want to, that job really wrecked my mental and physical health).


Thanks For Reply , :slight_smile:

sorry to say that i view on your gigs but they are not unique as required :frowning:

make your gigs unique and make they look professional. Use Professional Pic On Gig gallery yet that not much impotent but work sometime. Main Changes To Make There Now Is Make them attractive as you can.
View your gigs at point of view like buyer and then make it attractive.
Also keep in mind , If you lave your job then you can do it and will got success guaranteed :wink:

Thanks you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks Againnnnnnnn :wink:


I have no idea how to make my gigs ‘unique’ or ‘different’ enough since I’m offering the same thing most people here are offering in the graphic/design industry; I draw. How else am I supposed to put it?


the picture you are using is not too much professional ,
also update your gig description,
change your work time to one days and add more words for your packages because there are many top sellers that selling service like you,
i don’t know much about writing service but you can google about to improve the descriptions ,

If anything i share best then apply it ,
And Don’t Break Your Believe and trust ,

Thank You So Much :slight_smile:


people like you who are helping the needy are awesome. I just want to ask that I have delivered the work(even revision too) in time but it shows active sale(clock is closed, saying after days will be marked as completed) one of the buyer was online I have asked him/her but no reply, question is why they are not accepting the work. they were very happy with sample work before I deliver it.


I started fiverr two months ago till now no orders, but i have been getting some real chat and interest from buyers, but no ordering yet.