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Share your experience on how a new seller can get sell on fiverr

I’m new on fiverr. please give me some tips to get my first sell on fiverr under wordpress website design niche



Everyone here maximum new seller and no one know how get order. So one thing we can do that is patience

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What are you talking about? Many people know how to get orders, and everyone can learn how. All it takes is a willingness to learn, some common sense, and the ability and motivation to do research.


Ok. So please would you like to tell me how new Seller get order?

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I just told you how. Do research. There are so many great tips on this forum. I am not going to keep repeating myself over and over again a hundred times.

Also, it is your job as a freelancer to figure out how to get orders yourself. If you have no idea how then maybe you are not ready to become a freelancer.

You are solely responsible for your own success. I am not the one who is going to get it for you.

Moreover, you are allegedly a lead generation expert. How about you generate a lead for yourself?


Welcome forum. Try to research Fiverr. I hope to be able to succeed soon. :grinning:

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