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Share your experience/stories with spellcasters, readers, astrological

Would love to hear good or bad stories/experiences with spellcasters, readers, astrological fiverrs
So many just leave a 5 star review because they are told they have to (for the spell to work and show their belief) or because it takes time for it to come to fruition.

Please share!


This is a manipulation of the review system and so it is against ToS. Any seller who requests this should be reported to customer service.


Have you encountered such behavior yourself? or heard stories from a buyer?

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I encountered it.
I actually denoted it in my review that the work was performed on time but that part of the work was to leave a 5 star review to finish the spell. I thought it would be fair to share it out with others.

I just find that many do not leave details for these types of gigs.
They tend to leave a 1 or 5 star (or sometimes a 3 since they cannot judge if it will work).

I was hoping here some people may share some positive stories - I won $100 in the lottery after my attract money spell - or negative - I lost my lover after pay $150 for a love spell to my nephew’s neighbors’ daughter that they have experienced.


I think one of the big problem with this type of gig is that a review is left before you will ever know if the spell worked or not. Typically, the spellcaster themselves may not be able to assure you of when it’s going to happen.


This is the secod time you have posted on this topic and you seem to be seeking something pretty specific. Perhaps you should go to sites/groups/forums that are related to your category of interest. The stories you might get in this thread (if any) would have to be vague. Anything with the username of a Fiverr seller would have to be removed. Be sure not to leave reviews for sellers until you are truly sure a gig has been fully completed. Leaving a review cannot be part of the requirements.


But you gotta admit, it’s a nifty scam. I may add disclaimer that Voice Over only works if 5 star review is left and tip exceeds $50. JK


Is this just to chat about it on the forum, from buyer of such gigs to buyer of such gigs, or are you looking for such stories/experiences for another purpose like research for an article, book or something?
Other than that, this seems to be your first post and thread here, as far as I can see in your forum history at least, so, welcome to the forum!


Does the voice improve in strength and quality if the buyer has more faith in it? :wink:


Now you’re talking. (20 characters)


Really just to chat from buyer to buyer.

Long time buyer, long time community lurker, first time poster.
I had another post but realized why it was removed.

I get emails from other buyers asking me about fiverrs and anything came from fruition so here I was looking for more input from other buyers as well.

This category is just difficult to discern compared to others. As stated, when you get your voiceover work you clearly can judge the value and validity of the work. Same if you chose to have someone set up a shopify for you. This area is more difficult and grey.

I was hoping to get some stories or thoughts from others who have used these services rather than having users private message eachother.

Already it has been helpful since I did not know requesting a 5 star was against TOS. I just called it out in the review. I try to leave very detailed reviews for all gigs I use because I know it can be helpful to those looking deeper into a fiverr - whether it is a blog that was written, a shop designed or a spell cast. But you don’t always get that much info :slight_smile:


I don’t tell people they have to leave a review for the spell to work. As fonthaunt said, you cannot mention sellers by name. So this is not a place to share reports or reviews about specific sellers.

I got a reading from a psychic a while back and it was terrible. She asked me many questions about what I had asked about, and then told me it was “related to what happened in the past”. That was it.

I already knew that.
If you want to tell the future I recommend a deck of regular playing cards. You can do it yourself.

As for my spells working, I have a lot of messages from buyers telling me how happy they are and have saved some of them as screenshots. I’m trying to think of a way to display more of them.

I’m not sure it’s any more difficult to discern than any other category. Most spellcasters and psychics charge extremely low rates it looks like so for $5 or $10 you can try some out.

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I don’t see many negative reviews at all in my category like I do in some other categories.
I get the impression when I read reviews there that the overwhelming majority of reviews are positive. I think at least half the buyers in my category are repeat buyers over and over and use many different sellers.

I have no doubt that if any seller is saying that the buyers have to leave a five star review for the delivery to work, they will be promptly reported to Trust and Safety.