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Share your experience with fiverr learn

I am going to purchase a branding course in fiverr learn platform. Share your experience with fiverr learn platform and how it helps to improve your skill set.


Hi @sujontive! I’ve taken 4 total Learn from Fiverr courses, including the free one for freelancing basics. The skill set I’ve been most interested in enhancing and supplementing has to do with brand building and marketing, but I hope to dive into the ones geared towards using Facebook ads and targeting next.

For the courses I have done, the videos all had subtitles, were easy to understand and follow along with, and the slides were also well executed. The quizzes for each chapter had four questions each, with the final exams having 12. While I did take a few quizzes over, the questions weren’t hard; if they pay attention to the videos, most people will pass quickly.

What each person gets from these courses will likely vary. Some reviewers have stated they found the materials and concepts somewhat simplistic, but the courses aren’t meant to substitute for a university education or years of job experience. That said, these courses are presented by people who are knowledgeable, experienced professionals in their fields, so you know the information they’re giving is likely trustworthy and practical.

Each course I’ve done had its own pros and cons, and while some of them were aimed at larger entrepreneurial enterprises than what I’m currently engaged in, I still found relevant information and knowledge that I can apply in my creative business and in my services on Fiverr.

Hope this helps in your decision, best of luck!


Thank you very much. Great opinion. Best wishes :slightly_smiling_face:

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fiverr branding course is perfect who completed 50+ Project in :blush: