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Share your experience with me please

what do you think about more income is in
designing or programming?


That depends on the demand of the specific task and the quality of your skills.

Even if one has higher revenue potential than the other, you won’t earn more money regardless unless you have quality work that is in demand.

You design gigs based on your value and demand, not by what makes more. That is how you make great money, even if it is a less lucrative industry.


yeah totally agreed.


You could look at the thread below, though the $ amounts won’t be totally accurate but might be very roughly about right.

According to those rough figures:
Graphics and Design=$29 average price per sale
Programming & Tech=$52 average per sale

But there’s also how much competition, how many orders you’ll get, how good you are in the different categories/subcategories, how much work (or risk if cancelled) is involved in each sale.

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